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Subject: I want to do Masters in Mechanical in Canada. [Print This Page]

Author: iice    Time: 2016-12-12 22:11

do try out for other european countries also chaitanya. 8 - 10 lakhs per anum would be sufficient enough if you planning to do your masters in countries like UKRAINE , RUSSIA. as they are know for it. i will help you out through the whole admission. it is for free. you need not pay me anything. cause i am myself a student. just kind of a social service as i am a marathi manus too like you. do send me your details
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Author: Monnside    Time: 2016-12-12 22:11     Subject: I want to do Masters in Mechanical in Canada.

I am confused whether to opt for Canada or Australia. Iam a Mechanical Graduate and wishing to take masters in Mechanical. And one more thing is that 'Fee Factor as I cannot afford more than 8-10L per Annum. I want to know which is best country to choose, depending upon pay and availability of part time jobs and employability chances after the completion of my masters. Thanks and
Author: iice    Time: 2016-12-12 22:11

Dear Chaitanya,
Greetings from Hotcourses India.
The scope is good in both of the countries. And, after the course is completed, there is an availability of work permit too.
As far as the budget is concerned, 8-10 lacks will be a conservative side since the minimum budget for one year in Canada will be appx. 13-15 lacks and Australia will be 16-18 lacks, including living.
You may send your CV at jyoti.sharma for the detailed discussion.
Thanks &

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