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Paid and unpaid advertising options at

Paid and unpaid advertising options at

A fundamental goal of this website has always been connecting IELTS candidates with effective IELTS material. If you are an IELTS content creator or service provider, there are two avenues through which you can spread your message to the targeted IELTS traffic that comes to every month:

Unpaid advertising options

Posting information about your IELTS service to the Business Board section of this website will always be free. Whether you've released a new IELTS ebook or are opening an IELTS prep institute in your country, your announcements to this community are welcome in this section.

Including a link and image in the signature area of your post is also an option. This signature area appears beneath anything a user posts to this website, so it's a great way for knowledgable individuals with insight into the exam to receive a bit of back traffic for the informative contributions they make to this community. To edit your signature, click on your username in the top right corner of this site. Then select User Control Panel, Profile tab, and finally Edit signature. Signatures should adhere to the IELTS Network community guidelines: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2

Paid advertising options

Paid advertising options are available for IELTS service providers that would like increased visibility on this site or on the IELTS Network Facebook page ( Please note that to ensure this website is always linking to resources that are in the best interest of the IELTS candidate, a practicing examiner (more clearly defined as an individual holding current credentials from Cambridge confirming their status as an IELTS examiner) working with me will be assessing all advertised material for quality. This process is simply an examiner read-through of the material on offer and a vote of confidence that the resource is indeed properly aligned with IELTS success. This process is carried out with utmost respect to the professional arrangement this examiner has with the IELTS and at no point requires the examiner operate outside of their confidentiality agreement with the IELTS.

Resources that receive a vote of confidence will then be given specific Google Analytics traffic metrics for this website to allow them to make informed marketing decisions.

Image advertisements appearing in the sidebar may be static images or animated GIFs and should be 120 pixels by 120 pixels in size:

Image advertisements can also appear beneath highly trafficked forum links themselves at 100 pixels by 16 pixels:

Advertisements to appear as a post to the IELTS Network Facebook page can be in any Facebook-approved format.

For more information about these paid and unpaid advertising options at this site, please send me a personal message.


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