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Racheal0132 Posted at 2017-2-7 11:13


I want to do Masters from abroad so can you tell me which one is cheaper studying in USA or studying in Australia?

Kento Posted at 2017-2-7 11:13

Cost of studying in US Universities varies from as low as 10,000 $ per year to as high as 50,000$ per year and so is the case with Australia as well. Universities in Australia can cost between 18,000$ to 30,000$ per year. Colleges in Australia could be cheaper and might offer in the range of about 12,000 $ to 15,000$.

So what is important is the course you want to puruse, what is the scope for employment in that county for that program, availablity for bank loans, matching your skill sets to a program which matches you. Very difficult to choose one over other. But if you want to get a PR very fast, then Australia is a better choice. It might take about 5 year to get a Green Card whereas it might less than 3 years to get a PR in Australia.

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